Fold-away bag

What I thought would be simple to make fold-away bag. Turns out it’s quite fiddly in places.

When you’re not using it, it folds into a little draw string pouch that will fit nicely in your bag.
The last image is looking down into the bag when it’s out and you can see the pouch
hanging down to the side so you have plenty of room for all your shopping goodies.

IMG_4832_July 05, 2013

IMG_4836_July 05, 2013

IMG_4841_July 05, 2013    IMG_4845_July 05, 2013

One Response to “Fold-away bag”
  1. i just bought a j.crew bathing suit that looks similar to this fabric. 🙂

    what a lovely post!

    i also have a diy post that involves sewing today:

    be sure to give me a like/follow for more!

    see you around, fellow wordpress-er. 🙂

    ~ e ~

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